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Alpine Gold "The Taste Of Central Otago"
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Made in the heart of Central Otago, the Benger Gold range of premium fruit beverages captures what is increasingly becoming known as the "Taste of Central Otago".

We take the most flavoursome, sun-ripened fruits from local mountain orchards and bottle them the old fashioned way so you can enjoy the intense natural flavours of the region all year round. This is a juice like no other. In fact, we like to think of our drinks as "juiced fruit", rather than fruit juice. And with the equivalent of more than 11 apricots in every one litre serving you can see (and taste) why. What's more, we seal in all the goodness and flavour, but leave out all the additives - you won't find any preservatives here.

"stunningly true fruit flavour" - Cuisine Magazine

There is a definite Central Otago flavour to our range of quality natural juices:


Perhaps our most unique flavour, this is juice like you have never experienced before. If you love nectarines, just wait until you try this taste sensation.


Juice And Containers
Apple And Raspberry  

Apple And Raspberry
A refreshing blend of fresh raspberries and crisp ripe apples, this is a tantalizing treat that your taste buds will thank you for.



A full-bodied blend of naturally sun-ripened mountain apricots and a hint of Alpine mineral water. A taste so true every sip is like biting into a fresh juicy apricot.


Apple And Boysenberry  

Apple And Boysenberry
The newest member of our juice family, this enticing blend of sweet dessert boysenberries and fresh apples will romance your palette to a new level of taste appreciation.



Don't forget to try our 100% apple juice, made from Cox's Orange apples

To complement our unique Central Otago juices, the Benger Gold range also includes Orange, Tomato and Apple & Cranberry..


Benger Gold premium fruit beverages are available in 250ml to 275ml and 750ml sizes and can be ordered direct from our factory via our online order form.

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